Halo Halo in Boracay

Halo halo is the king of desserts in the Philippines – it encompasses every possible ingredient you could want while sitting on a beach. Coconut strings? Check. Jackfruit? Check. Ube (sweet purple yam) ice cream? Check. And the list goes on and on. Like the gyro in Greece, every place in the Philippines has its …

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Tarte au Citron Meringuée in Paris

It was so hard to choose my favourite dish to recreate for France, as every dish I ate was phenomenal. I was going to do a few posts to commemorate my trip to France, but my waistline couldn’t handle all the butter in each dish every week. So instead, I’m planning on doing a post …

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Arroz Caldo in Palawan

“Ah-rose call-dough” literally means “warm rice” in Tagalog (the most widely spoken dialect in the Philippines). It’s been described as everything from Filipino congee to the risotto of the ‘pinas (that’s "Philippines" for short). But to me, it’s just plain delicious. Growing up in a Filipino household, this was my mom’s go-to whenever I was …

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